Providing animation artists with the structure and community they need to create uplifting, diverse, independent work
We are Animation Wild Card—a collection of animation artists coming together to bring some joy to the masses! We are compiling a light-hearted collection of our short-shorts into episodes, while also strengthening the connection and collaboration of our animation community. To keep up with us, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow @animationwildcard on Instagram!
-   Encourage diversity & inclusivity in animation by raising the voices of artists working independently
-   Entertain and uplift on a global scale
-   Provide stable community organizing spaces that serve the needs of artists at different stages of their creative journey
-   Utilize social media as a resource to highlight professional artists and to lower the socio-economic barriers barring entry to emerging animation artists
-   Show that all mediums of animation are viable in a Covid-19 (and post Covid-19) environment
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