Season 2 Holiday Special! 
For this Season 2 finale episode, we included all things "Festive" ❄️🎄🎁 - Including lots of festive shorts from past episodes too⁠! Check out our Instagram to learn more about this episode's filmmakers and behind the scenes. 
0:09 Carrots

Direction & Animation: Dan Driscoll 
Instagram: @thatdandriscoll
Design & Fabrication: Jason Fitzgerald 
Instagram: @antique_astronaut
Additional Fabrication: Nicole Horsman
Instagram: @nicolehorsman
Compositing: Miguel Mirasol
Instagram: @miggimira
Sound: Brian Eldridge
Instagram: @brianeldridge
Mom: Justine Higgins

0:47 Little Drummer Yeti

By: Sean Malony
Instagram: @seanchiridion
Music: A Heavy Metal by Stereo Cover
Special Thanks: Apartment D Films
Instagram & TikTok: @apartmentdfilms

1:15 Christmas Time

Direction, Puppets, Animation & Editing: Maria Dolores Salcido
Instagram: @Madoso

2:17 Santa Magic

By: Mee Huh
Instagram & Twitter: @mearrrrt
Music By: Johnny Knittle
Instagram: @johnnyrk
Costume/Character Design for Santa & DP: Kristen Carl
Instagram: @essenceofghost
3D Print Base: Hugo Hernandez
Instagram: @hugo.jhovanny

2:44 Warmth

A Film By: Nathania Zaini
Instagram: @nathania_z
Written By: Nathania Zaini & Randolph Zaini
Sound & Score By: Gabe Burch
Special Thanks: Xing-Mai Deng & Josh Litman


5:31 Magical Cat

By: Threadwood
Instagram: @_Threadwood
TikTok: @threadwood

6:25 Eli in "Dungeons & Dreidels"  

Story & Art: John Sumner
Written By: Justin Michael
Instagram/Twitter: @heyjustin
“Eli Intro” Written and Performed By:
Eli Gunnell
Voice Characterization: Dan Lippert
Twitter: @danlippertcool
Additional Voices:
Frank Higginbotham
Gianni Higginbotham
Henry Gunnell
Laurel Gunnell
Gunnar Sumner
Kaden Sumner

8:09 “Silent Night”

Animation & Backgrounds: 
Amber Rankin
Instagram/Twitter: @Ambermations
Music: Youtube Audio Library
Sound FX:

8:31 Penguin & Bear: Big Top Follies

Direction, Animation, Fabrication: Jeremy Fisher
Instagram: @0fish0
Costumes, Props, Title Cards: Corrie Walton
Instagram: @cyber_sprite

9:09 Ovenly Cookie Recipe

Animation By: Casey Follen & Catalyst Castle Studios
Instagram: @catalystcastlestudios 
Recipe By: Ovenly
Facebook: @ovenlyNYC
Instagram: @ovenly 

10:22 Ghosts of Christmas PARTY

By: Apartment D Films & Sean Malony
Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @apartmentdfilms
Instagram: @seanchiridion

Animation Wild Card Bumper

By: Cami Kwan & Apartment D Films
Instagram: @camikwan        
Instagram: @apartmentdfilms

Music By: Ellen Coons & Lee Young 
Instagram: @cartoonraccoon       
Instagram: @leemitchellyoung

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