For this episode, we included all things "Spooky" 💀🎃👽 - Including lots of spooky shorts from past episodes⁠! Check out our Instagram to learn more about this episode's filmmakers and behind the scenes. 
0:12 Cat-hulu 
Storyboard, Animation, and Post-production: Bryan Velayo 
Insta: @roastedstix
  0:35 A Matter of Grave Concern 
Director /Animator: Connor Yarish 
Insta: @slumbo_animation 

1:19 Little Forest - Harshmallow 
Written, Fabricated, and Animated By: Kate Braidwood & Andrew Phoenix 
Insta: @little.beasts 
FB: @littlebeastsstopmotion 
YT: @Little Beasts 

1:56 Neck Romancer: Slurper 
Animator, Writer & Director: Joseph Orr 
Insta: @speakbroccoli 
Voice Recordings: Sinéad Doyle & Shane Mooney

  2:53 Lick or Treat 
By: Mee Huh 
Insta: @mearrrrt 
Sound Designer and Composer: Johnny Knittle 
Insta: @johnnyrk 
Lifesaver: Gabrielle Thomas 
Insta: @gabrielle.m4.thomas 
Multiplane Maker: Daisy Nolz 
Insta: @darth_daisu 
Molding and Casting Advisor: Erik Pollard 
Animation Advisor: Heather DuValle 

3:33 Snublings 
Created By: Robby Cimino aka kindclutter 
YouTube, Twitter, & Newgrounds: @kindclutter 

5:27 Fall Spirit 
Animation: Suzie Bergeron 
Insta: @Suzie_b_animation 
Sound Design : Jean-Philippe Jourdain 

6:00 Marv the Zombie in...Get A Job! 
Animator and Fabricator: Elliot Lobell 
Insta: @lobelliot 

6:53 One last chase. 
By: Ben Davis 
Insta: @benscomix 

7:17 Hell Hound 
Created, Fabricated, & Animated By: Sarah Tejeda 
Insta: @stejeda0 
Additional Help: Gio Garcia, Mckenna Dans, Maria Andreotti, & Alex Steele 
Music found on Free Music Archive: Loyalty Freak Music 
Sound Effects: 

8:10 Freddy’s Encore 
Design & Animation: Dave Joly 
Insta: @dave.joly 

8:53 The Death Desert of Claytasia 
Director, Fabricator, Animator, Editor: Mikael Trench 
Insta: @triclops_animations 
Song Used: Vampire Vibes-Chill Kitty

Halloween Visitation

A Short By: Dan Driscoll & Jason Fitzgerald
Color Design &  Previsualization: Nicole Horsman
Compositing: Miguel Mirasol
Sound Design: Brian Eldridge
Music: Jonathan Tull
Atmospherics & Credits Music: Andy Ristaino
Special Thanks: Kayla York & Cindy Driscoll


Animated By: Sean Malony

Spooky Book

Animator / Director: Elliot Lobell


Animator / Director: Pablo Llorens Serrano
Music: Jack Kotz

Dead Fred

Director / Animator / Editor / Dead Fred: Jeremy Mowery
Director of Photography: Adam Thebault
Nilly: Victoria Reynoso
Zach: Zachary Mowery
Composer: Aaron Cruz
Mixing / Mastering Engineer: Jaime Bueno

Spooky Season

By: Megan Matelonek

Little Red

Directed, Animated, Edited, & Fabricated By: Kat Messing
Gaffer / DOP: Alex Lizotte

The Afterlife After Party

Created, Fabricated, & Animated By: Sarah Tejeda
Additional Animation By: Gio Garcia
Free Music Archive: Loyalty Freak Music - “A Ghost Waltz”

Magical Cat

By: Threadwood


By: Sean Willets

V. Knock Knock (i’m coming for you)

Animated By: adrian quintero marmol martinez
Girl: Ana Paula Tellez
Music By: Jorge Mabarak

Eli, Episode 4: Toupee or Play

By: John Sumner
Voice Characterization: Justin Michael
Instagram/Twitter: @heyjustin      
Music: The Melwood Orchestra

Monster Cookie  

By: Sean Malony

Little Forest - Flower Power

By: Little Beasts


By: Johnny McHone

Home Sweet Home

Animator/Director/Fabricator: Elliot Lobell
Color Correction: Chris Ortega

I. FULL SPEED (total meltdown)

Animated By: adrian quintero marmol martinez
Melted Biker: Simon Hudson
Music By: Jorge Mabarak

Nice to Meat You

Story, Animation, & Puppets By: Brett Scanlon
Art By:
Calley Macdonald
Devin Dahl
Special Thanks to:
Arlo Ramirez
Catherine Saldaña
Zoe Miller
Animation Wild Card

Scrambled Glorp

Animation By: Taylor Andrews
Music By: Kevin Maclead

Do Not Flip Switch

By: Sean Willets

Snack Time

Created By: Courtney Johnson
Music By:

XII. The Dream Keeper

Adapted & Animated By: adrian quintero marmol martinez
Nightmare Donated & Reenacted By:
Music By: Berman Montes de Oca


Director / Animator:  Jeremy Mowery
Griselda: Victoria Reynoso
Composer: Aaron Cruz
Mix / Master Engineer: Jamie Bueno

Graveyard Groov'n

Animation: Kelsey Stillmaker   
Music: Tony Brattoli

Spider vs the Living Dead

By: Threadwood


Director, Animator, & Puppet Maker: Shota Ogawa
Animator & Model Maker: Marika Konishi
Composer: Aaron Cruz
Mix / Master Engineer: Jamie Bueno

Animation Wild Card Bumper

By: Cami Kwan & Apartment D Films

Music By: Ellen Coons & Lee Young

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