Season 4 Premiere!
We're bringing you a brand *NEW* Season and so pumped to keep bringing you sweet short-short animations from new & old contributors! Check out our Instagram (@animationwildcard) for features on all the contributing artists, and view full credits below:
0:12 Raise the Woof!
Instagram & TikTok: Apartment D Films
Instagram: @apartmentdfilms
Animation/Editing: Sean Malony 
Instagram: @seanchiridion
Fabrication: Joe Aragon 
Instagram: @joearagondesign
Special Thanks: Max Lopez & Cami Kwan
Instagram: @mxmln.machinist 
Instagram & TikTok: @camikwan

0:34 Cat Park (Parc à chats) 
By: Rachel Samson
Instagram: @rchelsamson
Music By: Noak Blottière 

1:03 Chaos Control
Direction, Animation, & Music By: Ian Barrans  
Instagram: @ianbarrans
Snuggles: Ian Barrans
Tannoy Announcer: Kim Monks

1:47 Eli: Date Night
By: John Sumner & Harry Chaskin
Instagram: @johnsumnerart 
Instagram: @hchaskin

3:21 Punchy
By: Mike Dietz
Instagram: @mikedietzart

3:40 Hardwork
Animator, Director, Editor: Isabella Potenziani
Instagram: @the_bell_tolls_irp

4:58 Beady Little Eyes
Concept & Direction: 
Kat Messing (Instagram: @KatMessing)
Puppet & Background Fabrication: 
Kat Messing (Instagram: @KatMessing)
Shea Ramsey (Instagram: @sheamations)
Marisa Gehrig (Instagram: @mawisaaaart98)
Tiffany Liu (Instagram: unfortunateplottwist)
Creature Animation: 
Capybara: Marisa Gehrig (Instagram: @mawisaaaart98)
Hedgehog & Fly: Shea Ramsey (Instagram: @sheamations)
Gecko, Mantis Shrimp, Kittens, & Chameleon: Kat Messing (Instagram: @KatMessing)
Crocodile & Peacock: Natasha Ranganath (Instagram: @natasharanganath)
Gaffer: Alex Lizotte 
Editing & Post: Kat Messing (Instagram: @KatMessing)

6:05 Flower Bed
Animation & Fabrication By: Farha Alam
Instagram: @farhalam
Music By: Julius H

Animation Wild Card Bumper
By: Cami Kwan & Apartment D Films
Instagram: @camikwan
Instagram: @apartmentdfilms
Music By: Ellen Coons & Lee Young  
Instagram: @cartoonraccoon       
Instagram: @leemitchellyoung

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