As we get into the summer months (and soon our mid-season break), we chose "Close" as the optional theme for episode 23.⁠⁠⁠ This episode features some great short-short animations from new & old contributors! 
Check out our Instagram (@animationwildcard) for features on all the contributing artists, and view full credits below:
0:12 The Warmest Hug
Director, Animator & Sound Designer: Pattama Homrod
YouTube & Instagram: @pattamahomrod
Film Colorist & Sound Design Advisor: Kamolwit Thomyabat 
Instagram: @kamolwit.art

0:58 Magical Cat
By: Threadwood
Instagram: @_Threadwood
TikTok: @threadwood

1:47 Light Up
Director: Miguel Duarte
Instagram: @miguelduarte_visuals     

2:22 Subway Boner
Story, Art, Animation & Music By: Warren Muzak
Instagram: @warrenmuzak
YouTube: @warrenmuzak5269 
Music Performed By: Warren Muzak and Mary Ancheta

2:42 Too Close
Direction/Animation By: Kira Awdry
YouTube & Instagram: @kira_awdry
Sound Effects By: Kira Awdry & Freesound.org

3:26 Eyeball Experiments
Design/Animation By: Elliot Lobell
Instagram: @lobelliot 

4:24 Lil' Space Bellies
Created By: Mikael Trench
TikToK & Instagram: @triclops_animations
YouTube: TriClops Animations

5:11 Connection
Created/Directed By: Megan Matelonek 
Instagram & Twitter: @mmatelonek  

5:42 We Are Not Alone
Direction/Animation/Fabrication By: Jeremy Mowery 
Instagram: @sockdollyproductions
Music By: Pulsar Radio 
Instagram: @pulsar_radio_music

6:27 Too Close
Animator, Director, Editor: Isabella Potenziani
Instagram: @the_bell_tolls_irp

7:08 Aubrey Grump
Music: Robert Dietz
Direction, Animation and all the other things: Mike Dietz
Instagram: @mikedietzart

Animation Wild Card Bumper
By: Cami Kwan & Apartment D Films
Instagram: @camikwan
Instagram: @apartmentdfilms
Music By: Ellen Coons & Lee Young  
Instagram: @cartoonraccoon       
Instagram: @leemitchellyoung

Thank You!
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