For this episode, we included all things "Spooky" 💀🎃👽 - Including lots of spooky shorts from past episodes⁠! Check out our Instagram to learn more about this episode's filmmakers and behind the scenes. 
Full credits can be viewed HERE
0:14 Neck Romancer: Book
Animator, Writer & Director:
Joseph Orr
Insta: @speakbroccoli
Voice Actor: Amy Boylan (Librarian)
Voice Actor: Sinéad Doyle (Winifred)
Voice Actor: Joseph Orr (Dracula)

0:53 The Mighty Morphin' Pumpkin
Directors: Jagriti Khirwar and Raghav Arumugam
Insta: @jagritikhirwar
Insta: @raghavarumugam

1:21 SpookerMarket
Animated By: Nicolette Groome
Insta: @nicolettegroome

2:05 Party of the Pumpkin People
Directed By: Mikael Trench
Insta: @triclops_animations
YT: TriClops Animations

3:52 Hi
By: Annie McCall
Insta: @AnnieMcCallArt

4:48 Toil and Trouble
Direction, Animation, Editing, & Sound By: 
Kira Awdry
Insta: @kira_awdry

5:22 Spooky
Animation, Sound Design, & Direction By: 
mari jaye blanchard
Insta: @marimator

5:49 Hollow, Anyone There?
Animation, Fabrication, and Design By: 
Isabella Potenziani
Insta: @the_bell_tolls_irp
Music: TipToes by Myuu

7:31 Nosferachoo
By: Hannz Mulligan
Insta: @studio.pinch

8:02 You Should Be Dancing
Animation & Direction By: 
Gina Bernardini
Insta: @gina.bernardini

8:40 Halloween On A Stoop 
Direction, Animation & Fabrication By: 
Elliot Lobell
Insta: @lobelliot 

9:14 Don and Vic Make a Zombie
By: Shawn Nelson
Insta: @tikiislandprincess

10:55 Astro Doom
By: Ani Fab Studio
Insta: @anifabstudio
Direction & Animation: Dan Driscoll
Insta: @thatdandriscoll
Design & Fabrication: Jason Fitzgerald
Insta: @antique_astronaut
Compositing: Miguel Mirasol
Insta: @miggimira
Music & Sound Design: Brian Eldridge
Insta: @brianeldridge

11:21 Trick or Treat 
By: Megan Matelonek
YT/Insta: @mmatelonek
Continued long-form credits can be viewed HERE
Spooky Vault Filmmakers: 
Connor Yarish, Warren Muzak, Little Beasts (Kate Braidwood & Andrew Phoenix), Joseph Orr, kindclutter (robby cimino), Mee Huh, Suzie Bergeron, Dave Joly, Mikael Trench, Ani-Fab (Dan Driscoll & Jason Fitzgerald), Sean Malony, Elliot Lobell, Ben Davis, Pablo Llorens Serrano, Jeremy Mowery, Megan Matelonek, Kat Messing, Sarah Tejeda, Threadwood (Alexis Deprey & Scott Daros), Sean Willets, adrian quintero marmol martinez, John Sumner, Little Beasts, Brett Scanlon, Taylor Andrews, Courtney Johnson, Kelsey Stillmaker, and Shota Ogawa. 

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