New Friends Episode (Episode 7!)
Hello! And welcome to Animation Wild Card. We are hosting our first open submission episode and you're invited! If you're new to AWC, please check out what we're all ABOUT, view some of our previous episodes on our WEBSITE, and geek out over our contributor features on INSTAGRAM
To help out our volunteer project organizers, please let us know if you plan to submit something using the contact form below. As much as we would love to include every short, we likely won't be able to include all submissions in the episode, so we'll do our best to select shorts that best represent the brief. 
Below is the brief for Episode 7!
Content Requirements
- All animation mediums welcome
- Kid Friendly
- Target Duration: 15-60 seconds
- Narrative & Upbeat
- Includes a title card
- If creating something new, make something using what you have on hand/can obtain without risking exposure/exposing yourself or others to the Corona Virus

Timeline & Specs
-  Submissions due at 10 pm PST on Wednesday, July 15th, 2020, via email to
-  Format: Youtube friendly. H.264, 1920x1080, 24fps, AAC
- Include the following in your submission email: Project Name, Duration, and Credits with Social Media Handles
- If selected, we'll follow up asking for a few more things (like a director's photo, BTS, ect.)

- Shorts will be curated into an episode for YouTube, and BTS/bonus content will be shared/tagged/linked via the project Instagram account, @animationwildcard
- All contributors will be credited/linked to in episode credits and content descriptions

Formal Stuff
- Artists retain copyright/ownership of submitted materials
- By submitting, you authorize the AWC to share your work with attribution (credit/tags/links)
- Do not use client owned work, copyrighted sound/materials, and logos other than your own

Thank you and we can't wait to see what you submit for this New Friends Episode of Animation Wild Card!
Thank you!
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